When Lasers Edge Design Cribbage Boards started we saw a need for real custom work to be offered as it has been stripped away for so long with no real options for personalization. We found that sad and decided to do something about it! After 6 years of making people smile and doing things very much out of the ordinary, we still get excited when challenged to make something unique.

To us it doesn’t matter if it’s one unique piece or a bulk order of our products, each piece is unique and made to our customers specifications. We offer unique products with our own hint of style. We focus our attention on delivering consistent and great quality work by listening closely to our customers ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Lasers Edge Design Cribbage Boards

Owned In: Alberta


Last Updated November 9, 2021

Made In Red Deer, AB:

  • Sports Cribbage Boards
  • Nature Cribbage Boards
  • Pop Culture Cribbage Boards
  • Lifestyle Cribbage Boards
  • Engraved Monograms
  • Cribbage Board Pegs
  • Cribbage Board Stands

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