Lazer Runner is a sophisticated, interactive laser tag game played in a futuristic arena. Players wearing fiber optic Battle Vests and wielding laser equipped Phasers enter the arena, and the excitement begins. Black lighting, theatrical fog, stunning graphics and special effects create the atmosphere. An eerie glow emanates from the front and back of the high tech fiber optic vests. Suddenly, laser beams (totally safe), pierce the darkness in a pyrotechnic display. Combatants hide behind protective cover and maneuver through an interconnecting maze – shooting all the while.

Laser beams slice through the air. Fiery explosions blast from the laser’s point of contact. Ever wish you could battle the forces of evil with phasers? Well, you can! Using phasers, participants can battle friends and foes at Lazer Runner of Aurora. This is the world of laser tag; a high tech version of the classic game of tag. Laser games allow participants to be the space hero they’ve always wanted to be, in a safe family environment. Visually exciting, with actual laser beams zipping through the air (totally safe), and physically exhilarating, laser games are fun for the entire family!

Lazer Runner
Owned In: Ontario

Lazer Runner Games:

  • Team Capture
  • Vampire Game
  • Team Play
  • You’re It
  • Eliminator
  • Switcher
  • Individual Play

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