Love2Play Dog Training – I am a reward based trainer. What’s that mean? It means I reward the dog when it does something I like. Science shows us that any behaviour that is rewarded will happen again and again. Behaviour that is not rewarded will go away.

For example, I call my dog and each time he comes to me I reward him with a treat and then send him off to play again. I call him again and reward. I keep kibble in my pockets so that I can continually reward my dog for coming. Not only does he come when called, but he often come over to me just to check in. This is how positive reinforcement works and it has amazing power!

However, positive is not permissive.

Owned In: British Columbia

Love2Play Dog Training Services:

  • Nosework
  • Agility
  • Group Classes
  • Private Instruction
  • Day Training
  • Puppy Fundamentals
  • Lifeskills Fundamentals
  • Intermediate
  • Beyond The Backyard
  • Stop Pulling!!!
  • Rally Obedience
Specialty Classes:
  • Dancing With Dogs
  • Emergency Recalls
  • Fun Tricks
  • Leash Walking
  • Reactive Dogs

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