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Made In Canada WebsitesAs we are all attempting to buy Canadian as much as we can, I feel we should maybe be sharing as much information as possible to assist people in their search.  These made in Canada websites have actually been on the web as early as 2007.  Here I will share with you the sites that I have found and the Facebook pages that can be another resource for you.  They are all a little different so will appeal to people individually.  The description indicates the surfing experience that you might have so that you may find the most useful one for you.

The list only includes Facebook pages even though many have other social media links as well.  You can get those from the websites if you would like to follow them on your chosen platform.

Made In Canada Websites:

Buy Canadian First

This site started in September 2007 from what I can tell and was one of the pioneers for the Made In Canada websites.  They post individual items rather than full websites even though the link for the item will bring you to a website.  I bet a ton of work went into this site.  It was also featured in the media when it was started.

Made In Canada Gifts

From the blog posts, this site started in January 2016 but I have a feeling it has been around a little longer than that.  The sell a number of gifts that are made in Canada from across the country.

Find Canadian Made Products Directory

This site has been operating since September 2012.  Their format is a little different as well.  You might like it as there are images on the front page for the types of businesses.

Buying Canadian

This site started in October 2017 and provides a variety of Canadian products which include entertainers, some restaurants and sports teams as well.

Made In Canada

This site started in July 2018 and received a lot of coverage from various media sources.  You may have been there already or heard about it on the news.

Made In Mooseland

This site includes some information and a direct links to the business website.  As far as I can tell they have been up and running since August 2018.

Made In Canada FB Groups:

Made In Canada

This facebook page and group was created June 16, 2018 and currently has 3,500 members.  I am a member of the group and they post products made in Canada and are also a place for Canadians who make their own stuff.

Canadian Made Products

This page is a personal blog that was started in August 2016 as a resource to help Canadians find Canadian made products.  As far as I can tell it is not linked to a website but works just as hard as one.

Canadian Made Community

I am not so vain that I want you only to use this website to find Canadian products.  Ok… maybe I was at first.  But we need to support each other as well as the businesses to provide a well rounded service to Canadians.  By providing choices, it only makes it easier for everyone to keep their money here in Canada and helps this to be a real canadian made community.

I am going to go out on a limb and speak for all of us and say that we are not all perfect and are working madly to keep our sites updated and full of options for you.  Enjoy and be sure to let me know if I am missing anything.

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