I source wood from local lumber mills, and from my father-in-law’s farm. I tend to work with woods that produce food (e.g.: maple, cherry, walnut, birch, etc.), as these woods are known to be less likely to cause allergic and sensitive reactions. I have sourced the machinery from local machine shops, and use a Powermatic 3520C lathe and King Industrial bench grinder with cubic boron nitride (CBN) wheels to sharpen my chisels.

On finishing, some products I have left unfinished, leaving the choice to you. My finishing of choice is coconut oil and walnut oil to bring out the grain, followed by beeswax to provide a seal and protect the wood. I buy organic cold-pressed coconut oil and walnut oil from the grocery store, and source beeswax from local farmers markets, to use for finishing. As wood can dry over time, it is recommended to re-apply oil/wax as needed.

I am constantly exploring new shapes of fibre art tools. If there is something specific which you would like to have, please contact me (click email icon below) and we can discuss creating a unique design, just for you!

Owned In: Manitoba

Made In Winnipeg, MB:

  • Christmas Tree Spinning Kit
  • Supported spindles
  • Suspended / Drop Spindles
  • Spindle Bowls
  • Spinning Accessories
  • Weaving Accessories
  • Yarn Bowls
  • Shawl Pins & Hairpins
  • Lucets & Pincushions
  • Mending Mushrooms
  • Gift Cards

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