Each and every one of our MD Handfield Designs Inc products has been crafted by some extent here in Canada. We source our made in Canada wooden parts and pieces from local woodworkers who will create wooden pieces based on our toy designs, but we also import wooden pieces that are made in USA for certain parts of our toys to keep costs down. (this is mentioned in the listings that the pieces are used in).

Owned In: Alberta


Last Updated July 29, 2021

Made In Colinton, AB:

  • Blocks
  • Hand Kites
  • Camera Toys
  • Bowling Sets
  • Shape Sorting
  • Colour Sorting
  • Tracing Boards
  • Imaginative Play
  • Reading Spinners
  • Rainbow Stackers
  • Peg Dolls & Play Sets
  • Bandelores & Spin Tops

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