Although “kennel” was still the going term in 2005, Linda Zago, owner of MUZO, decided to rattle the cage of the industry. She thought it was high time for Montrealers to finally be able to benefit from pet services that were both friendly and up to date. The MUZO concept was born.

In 2007, she inaugurated the first hotel for dogs and cats in Montreal. From the start, MUZO was a modern and decidedly urban pet complex, fully equipped to ensure the animals’ well-being, complete with spacious suites, a dog daycare with an air-conditioned indoor gym, a large outdoor park, and a grooming salon. The city had never seen anything quite like it!

Since then, the pet boarding concept has taken off, marking an important shift for the benefit of our faithful companions.

Owned In: Quebec

Muzo Services:

  • Fitness For Dogs
  • Dog Grooming
  • Refresher Dog Training
  • Dog Daycare
  • Dog Boarding

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