At Newfoundland Seasonings we are very proud to say we create our seasoning blends right here in this province, using the highest quality local and imported spices available! Versatility is our game so there is no limitations on what you can create! We area local company using local ingredients, all natural with no MSG, additives, gluten, or preservatives. Keeping things simple.

We are not just another Newfoundland novelty item, our seasoning blends are delicious, popular and affordable! We make a great personal or corporate gift, and are easy to ship to loved ones living away!

Owned In: Newfoundland


Last Updated July 12, 2021

Made In St. John’s, NFL:

  • Cod Spice
  • Moose Spice
  • Duck Spice
  • Steak & Burger Spice
  • Taste Of Home

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