Nights In White Flannel begins with reputable fabric and then sew the pajamas to last. If you take a look at the seams you will see that we never use the chain stitch that has become the hallmark of factory-made garments. The chain stitch is very quick to do….and undo. Once a thread is broken the involved seam quickly unravels. Instead, we use an old-fashioned lock stitch, and then finish the seam by serging the edges. This takes more than twice the time of chain stitching but we think it’s worth it. Some of our fabric is woven in Canada. And, of course, the products are cut and sewn right here!

Owned In: Ontario


Last Updated September 7, 2021

Made In Durham, ON:

  • Nightshirts
  • Nightgowns
  • Adult Sleepers
  • Tops & Bottoms
  • Robes
  • Children’s Wear

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