Now more than ever, consumers want to know about the meat they eat—where it comes from, how it’s raised and what goes into making it. Noble Premium Bison is a brand born and raised in Canada, by two Canadians with a mutual passion for animal care, sustainable agriculture, and healthy, safe food. Our bison are Canadian and so are we. When you buy our premium bison products, you’re supporting both Canadian farm and ranching family lies, and sustainable agriculture.

Demand for bison has been growing steadily since chefs and consumers began touting the delicious taste and nutritional qualities of this superior protein. Consistently meeting demand with supply requires not only rigorous standards and processes, but also the experience to execute them. We’ve worked hard to develop the very best practices that ensure the safety and quality of the bison we sell.

Noble Premium Bison

Owned In: Alberta


Last Updated July 17, 2021

Made In Calgary, AB:

  • Bison Steak
  • Bison Steak Cubes


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