Oracle Legal Services Professional Corporation (OLS) is a paralegal firm. OLS provides the highest quality and variety of legal services with extensive expertise in Small Claims Court matters, Employment Law (Wrongful Dismissal), Immigration Refugee Board, Apples, Landlord & Tenant matters, and much more.

Understanding clients with pressing urgent matters has been one of the dilemmas that Kamal M-Rezabeik, a senior paralegal, and the owner and founder of Oracle Legal Services, dealing with during his many years of practice. As a licensed paralegal member in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario, the integrity of the profession is at stake when dealing with client matters. Therefore, you deserve the best representation from an experienced expert who is proud of the profession and dedicated to its practice.

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Last Updated July 23, 2021

Oracle Legal Services Professional Corporation Services:

  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Immigration & Refugees
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Small Claims Court
  • Employment Law
  • SWIB Claims
  • Human Rights Complaints
  • Commissioner of Oath for Taking Affidavit

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