Madison Fischer of Podyum Popcorn is an athlete for the Canadian Senior National Sport Climbing Team and a self-made business owner. She has earned two Youth National Champion titles, and back-to-back silver medals at the most recent Open National Championships. Since 2016, she has represented Canada at International competitions in seven countries “Between travelling, rest days, and training, snacks are tough to get right. When I discovered that nutritional yeast popcorn fits so perfectly with my nutrition, and there was no convenient way to get a hold of it, I jumped at the chance to remedy the situation. It also doesn’t hurt that the popcorn is to die for.”

We are a healthy snack company specializing in our Nutritional Yeast Popcorn. The well-rounded, healthy lifestyle of an athlete is one that we admire and feel everyone should strive for, from diet and exercise to mental health. That’s why our popcorn is nutrient-dense, vegan friendly, and social media free.

Imagine you’ve just finished an incredible session at the gym, and are driving home to relax and watch a movie. At home, you go to your cupboard looking for something to snack on, but you’re torn – you want something tasty, a reward for your hard work, but you don’t want to spoil your day with junk food.

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