Welcome to our little shop, Recycled Rockstah.. we’re glad you stopped by. RecycledRockstah is a family team, and we can talk for hours about garb and fabric. My mother loves Tudor gowns, while I am more into the Italian and medieval styles, as well as the jewelry making aspect of the business. Our philosophy is pretty simple and straight forward. We believe and support small businesses, creativity is all its forms, and a recycled earth friendly way of life. I love the spirit and soul of Etsy, and do the majority of my shopping right here in our community.

All our items are crafted or sewn by hand, and we try to keep our dresses one of a kind creations. For that reason, many of our gowns are not available for custom orders. On rare occasions, I may list one custom listing for a dress I happened to love and have extra fabric for, but generally making unique items keeps it interesting and a more creative outlet for us.

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Made In Cranbrook, BC:

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Last Updated September 27, 2022