Rolltec Awnings is the leading Canadian manufacturer of high-quality retractable awnings. Since 1984, Rolltec® has provided “Quality Beyond Expectations” in all of our retractable product lines and has built up a reputation based on Customer Service, Quality of Product, and Innovative Design. Rolltec® has received numerous awards for our innovative, custom designed awnings for residential and commercial applications.

Rolltec® retractable awnings improve both the appearance and functionality of a home or business. Creative property owners find inspiration in using retractable awnings to enhance the unique features and individuality of their buildings. By accentuating the architecture, awnings beautify the building’s exterior while reflecting the distinct taste of their owners. Awnings with bright yellow colour combinations bring a sunny and warm feeling; fabric in various shades of blue are suited for creating a shady, cool milieu by the pool; while the filtering sunlight through red tones evokes a cheerful atmosphere.

Owned In: Ontario

Made In Concord, ON:

  • Basket Awnings
  • Stationary Awnings
  • Sidepost Umbrellas
  • Giant Umbrellas
  • Accessories

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