Scan Plus Béton is a company specializing in concrete and soil monitoring using GPR technology. When a concrete drilling or sawing project is being prepared, we can have the concrete examined to avoid any accidents or delays in the project. Thanks to our service of auscultation of the concrete by georadar, you are sure to locate all the underground infrastructures. Contact us now, we are available everywhere in Quebec.

Georadar Concrete Scan
Avoid any accident and loss of money thanks to our concrete auscultation service with GPR technology.

Detection of voids under slab
To no longer suffer from concrete subsidence, it is necessary to detect the voids under the concrete slabs using GPR.

Concrete drilling
All concrete drilling must be done by experts, just like the auscultation of concrete by GPR that we offer.

Concrete sawing
Concrete sawing can turn out to be a complex task if you do not perform concrete auscultation by GPR.

Owned In: Quebec

Scan Plus Béton Services:

  • Concrete Leveling and Stabilization
  • GPR Scan
  • Detection of Voids Under Concrete Slabs

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