Shark Marine Technologies Inc. manufactures underwater products that are innovative, high quality, dependable, and cost effective. Our products include ROVs, Diver Navigation Systems, Diver Delivery Systems, Sonar Systems, and all of the supporting hardware and software to offer complete solutions.

We have always played well with others and the proof of that is the respect from others in the industry and their willingness, to work with Shark Marine’s engineers, to integrate sonars and other systems to be used with our products. Through our successful industry collaboration Shark Marine has lead the way in the development of products for Diver Held Navigation Systems, innovative technologies for diver delivery systems and remote vehicles.

Owned In: Ontario


Last Updated July 18, 2021

Made In St Catharines, ON:

  • Diver Held Systems
  • ROV’s
  • Diver Delivery
  • Software
  • Video Systems
  • Sonar Systems
  • Magnetometers
  • Tether Management

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