Sour Cream Made In Canada


If you know of any other sour cream made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Sour Cream Made In Canada

Natrel sour creamNatrel

Burnaby, BC

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When you choose Natrel, you are choosing products made from 100% Canadian milk. Natrel offers everything from good morning lattes to late night cookie dunks.

Gay Lea sour creamGay Lea

Mississauga, ON

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The largest dairy co-operative in Ontario, with members on more than 1,400 dairy farms in Ontario and Manitoba developing high quality products.

Sour Cream Made In CanadaOrganic Meadow

Guelph, ON

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It was over 25 years ago that Organic Meadow pioneered the organic dairy movement in Canada. They brought together like-minded farmers that cared about creating dairy products using nature as their driving force.

Neilson Dairy

Saint-Laurent, QC

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In 1981, the company incorporated all its dairies under the popular Neilson brand name. When Saputo acquired Neilson Dairy in 2008, it joined Canada’s largest dairy producer and distributor.

Central Dairies

Saint-Hubert, QC

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Central Dairies has been a dairy staple in Newfoundland and Labrador households for over 50 years. Producing everything from milk to yogurt and frozen deserts and more.


Toronto, ON

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Beatrice has been providing Canadian families with the wholesome benefits and great taste of milk for generations. Proudly made with milk from Canadian dairy farms, our products are great tasting and nutritious.


Montréal, QC

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Dairyland was originally an operating arm of a BC dairy farmer’s cooperative(s) and eventually sold of the majority of its assets to “Canadian” Saputo Incorporated

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