At SpiraVeg we are proud to be the provider of the highest possible quality spirulina to our valued customers. Our vision is to impact word health by providing the best, most convenient, high-quality spirulina products to consumers across the globe, so that everyone, every where can access this super food every day.

At SpiraVeg, we aim to create a food culture that bridges the gap between convenience and high-quality nutrition. We believe that all people deserve access to food that fuels, heals and energizes. We are committed to providing the highest quality, nutrient dense, convenient spirulina products. SpiraVeg spirulina is superior to other spirulina product available on the market.


Owned In: Alberta


Last Updated July 30, 2021

Made In Calgary, AB:

  • Fresh Spirulina
  • Powder Spirulina
  • Frozen Spirulina

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