In early 2007 I went on a 3 month training course in BC where I trained along side Ben Kerson at his Government Certified dog trainers school and gained my “Professional dog trainers certificate”. The training was definitely mentally and physically exhausting but it was well worth the effort and played a big part in building St Martins Dog Training and Boarding Kennels.

From there on a gained enough confidence to move to New Brunswick where I opened up my own dog boarding and training kennels. A while later I started my Dog Basic Obedience Group classes where I enjoy helping people train their pets in a fun and friendly atmosphere. For people who have dogs with deeper issues I offer private consultations so that I can help people understand why their dog is behaving badly and what we need to do to stop the unwanted behavior. My newest class that I have started is a “Intro to Agility”. It is a sport I enjoy doing with one of my dogs and I love involving other people in it so that they can find a fun way to enjoy time with their dogs.

I own six dogs of my own but I also do volunteer work at the St John Animal Rescue League where I will go in and work with some of the dogs with issues. When I can I will foster one of the dogs that is considered to be having extreme behavior problems, I will bring it home and work with it until the dog is rehabilitee and ready to go into a new loving home. On several occasions some of the dogs I have worked with where due to be euthanized because of their issues so it gives me a great deal of fulfilment to know that I have saved a dogs life because of my understanding of dog behavior .

One of the dogs I adopted for myself from there has turned from a fear aggressive dog into a wonderful loving companion who now competes with me in agility trails and in 2008 took the St John title of “Pet Idol”

Owned In: New Brunswick

St Martins Dog Training and Boarding Kennels Services:

  • Obedience Classes
  • Trick Training
  • Treibball Training
  • Scent / Nose Training
  • Canine Freestyle Dancing Training
  • Foundation For Dog Sports Class
  • Agility Classes
  • Dog Boarding
  • Cat Boarding

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