Welcome to Sylvan Star Cheese, where we strive hard from field to final product to tantalize your taste buds with award winning Gouda from the heart of Alberta! Our cheese is made from the milk of our own cows, raised and fed from our land and crafted in a time honoured, traditional way. Our cheese is made from heat treated milk, which contains no additives, no antibiotics and also very important: all our cheese is Lactose FREE. At our farm we produce Gouda, Swiss Style and Edam.

When we, the Schalkwyk family (myself, my wife Janneke and son Jeroen) wanted to start a farm with more space and more future, we decided to take a look in Canada and we liked Alberta immediately. In 1995 we found a nice place between Sylvan Lake and Red Deer, where we settled and started our dairy farm with a herd of Holstein’s.  Today our son Jeroen runs the dairy farm with a herd of about 240 Holstein’s. My wife and I are devoted to making great cheese. Besides Gouda, plain and flavoured, we also make Cougar (a swiss style cheese) and Edam.

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Last Updated July 8, 2021

Made In Red Deer, AB:

  • Gouda Cheese
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Edam Cheese

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