Sylvan Temple Drums makes about 12 different types of drums from trees which have been left behind by logging or felled for a variety of reasons by home owners. Darbuka/Doumbek and Djembe drums begin as a section of tree and go on the lathe to become a shell which is seasoned for stability. After seasoning when the shell is needed, it goes back on the lathe to be finish-turned. Darbuka/Doumbek have a round, wide tuning ring which is laminated from steam-bent wood and then tailor-lathed for its shell prior to any drilling operations. For Djembes, metal rings are fabricated in-house and knotted and laced to the shell, holding the skin between them.

Sylvan Temple Drums

Owned In: British Columbia


Last Updated November 22, 2021

Made In Errington, BC:

  • Darbuka / Doumbek & Doholla Drums
  • Frame Drums, Tar & Bendir Drums
  • Cajon Drums
  • Djembe Drums
  • Bodhran Drums
  • Kanjira Drums
  • Davul / Tapan Drums

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