My name is Destiny Hoostie. I am of mixed descent – Assiniboine from my mother and Norwegian and German from my father. Takaya Indigenous Design is an Indigenous woman-owned business that creates beading kits. I aspire to help teach and promote Indigenous beaded art. My kits are currently pieces I’ve created. However, I would love to work with other Indigenous artists to develop beading kits for their beadwork.

Indigenous beadwork is a beautiful art. My passion for beadwork began in my young adult years when I worked with Indigenous youth. I worked in a youth group home, where they had arts and supplies in the basement. I came across a loom with a beaded piece of art on it. I remember seeing the beadwork and being so inspired by the beauty of it. It was that moment that sparked a little fire inside me for the love of beadwork. I became passionate about learning to bead.

Takaya Indigenous Design
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Last Updated October 4, 2021

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