Dr. Lawrence Fremont of The Hair Loss Recovery Program graduated from the University of Toronto in science and medicine. From 1966 until 1985 he was on staff at two Toronto hospitals providing emergency medicine while carrying on a busy general practice.

Drawing from his varied medical and surgical trauma experience he developed his own techniques and artistic approach to hair restoration. Through the attending of meetings in New York, Los Angeles and Hot Springs, Arkansas, prior to the establishment of the ISHRS in 1993, his knowledge was further enhanced through the exchange of ideas with other medical professionals interested in hair loss and its restoration.

Today some of his students are pillars within the ISHRS and are themselves wearing the restored hair he gave them. At the request of Dr. Otar Norwood, founder of ISHRS, Dr. Fremont submitted an article for the first Forum paper on his own personal approach to the training of Physicians in hair transplantation. Dr. Fremont was an investigator for Merck Pharmaceuticals on the drug Finasteride and he is an active member in the Canadian Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

The Hair Loss Recovery Program
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Last Updated May 19, 2022

The Hair Loss Recovery Program Services:

  • hair Restoration With PRP
  • cosmetic Hair Loss Recovery
  • Surgical Hair Loss Recovery
  • Medical Hair Loss Recovery

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