The Trump Effect on Buying Canadian

The Trump Effect on Buying Canadian

Anger, frustration and bewilderment are some of the emotions that I feel when I am watching what is happening around the world and what can be referred to as the Trump effect since 2015, when a certain individual announced his run for president of the United States.  Watching the primaries and then the presidential race, I was amazed and shocked that a person of that calibre would actually think he would win and then hold what is referred to by some as the most powerful position in the world.  This guy who, according to an article in the Burrard Street Journal, claimed that he could “buy and sell” the entire country of Canada if he wanted to in response to the number of Americans who said they would move to Canada if he was the president.  Move ahead to November 2016 ….. WHAAAAAAAAT??!?

The disbelief that covered the globe was almost deafening.  The attack on “Allies” that was to follow and the unexplainable lack of respect for Countries that have stood by America in numerous instances, can only be described as stunning.  I know that the Trump effect in my daily life was immediate.  My response to this conduct was…. I am not going to America until he is out of office.  I will not contribute in any way to a country that is so protectionist and full of hypocrisy in every policy that has anything to do with people who do not fit his image of the “perfect” American.   The next reaction is, I am going to look at every product I purchase and if it says Made in USA then it goes right back on the shelf and I look for something from anywhere but USA.

The Trump Effect on Canadians

In some ways, this view and these actions are simply an emotional response to someone who appears to be running a country on emotional responses.  It is so difficult to remain calm and use logic when every day we see another incident or another tweet that reminds us of how his sanity is continuously being questioned.  Now what do I do with this desire to take a stand and fight for my country?  I join many Canadians such as yourself, in making a conscious choice to buy Canadian products and spend my money at home where possible.

This movement is not a new one though.  I have seen buy Canadian websites that go as far back as 2007 that list products made in Canada.  The difference now for me anyways, is that there is more passion because it feels like there is an attack on our way of life.  The infiltration of  fringe groups and people who follow the thinking of those that passionately follow the guy in the oval office, is on the rise. According to an article in The Hamilton Inspector, there has been a 25% increase in the number of right wing extremist groups in Canada since 2015.  Although this is happening across Canada, we do not always see or feel it right in our homes.  What we do see in our homes is on our televisions. We watch in frustration as a certain character that has pushed his economic policies that we perceive as anti-Canadian since his inauguration and even more so as the new NAFTA was being negotiated.

Some say that this movement might  not have a large impact on the Canadian economy. I believe though that if enough people can seek out Canadian made products that it could have a small impact.  There is another reason that I try to buy Canadian,  it makes me feel better.  When I pick up a product and look on the label to see where it is made, and I see made in Canada, I feel good about putting it in my cart.  I get a sense of patriotism because I feel like I am putting a few cents or dollars into the pocket of a Canadian.  Whether it is the company, or an employee who works at the plant, that received it and I feel like I am having some choice in where it goes.

We have no real control over the the negative activities that seem to be popping up across the country.  We can call it the Trump effect and write to our MP’s to express our displeasure at the lack of regulations and action taken to diminish these groups, but that can be a long process.  By being the ones to make the decisions at the checkout, we get to have immediate results and see a real effect in a chain of possibilities.  The store, the delivery people, the employees at the company, and the company itself has another Canadian dollar that contributes to their success. I don’t know about you but, this makes me feel good and helps to ease some of the anger and frustration that I feel as I watch the world in it’s attempt to stabilize in this time of uncertainty.

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