Paul at Toronto Blacksmith had been introduced early into the field of blacksmithing by his father, a carpenter by trade, who had a deep passion for forged weaponry, equestrian accessories, and tools. With this new interest, Paul immersed himself into the subject through high school, working for blacksmiths and studying the craft between school hours. After having travelled to Mississippi to learn tool forging under the watchful eye of master Blacksmith Brian Brazeal and Alec Steele… The snowball; his love of forging, was unstoppable.

Paul’s journey was not easy. Therefore, he will not devalue it by producing anything without devoting himself to sourcing only the finest materials and combining them with his hard-won skills. This is why every tool comes with a Lifetime Warranty against any defects which might have arisen during the crafting of the tool

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Last Updated September 7, 2021

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