Canadian made tub and tile cleaner is made across the country and can be found on many grocery store shelves. If you know of any tub and tile cleaner made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Canadian Made Tub and Tile Cleaner

Tub and Tile Cleaner Made In CanadaNature Clean

Markham, ON

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Nature Clean is a locally owned company, helping to employ Canadians and producing Canadian made products. We’re incredibly proud of our Canadian heritage. We love telling people that our products are manufactured and packaged in Canada!

In the early 1960s, our mother suffered allergic reactions to the harsh chemicals used in traditional household products. To help her, our dad began developing his own natural formulations. Since then, our family has continued the tradition of creating healthier, non-toxic alternatives for the products we all use in our homes every day.

Nellie's Clean IncorporatedNellie’s Clean Incorporated

North Vancouver, BC

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The Nellie’s Clean Incorporated brand was inspired by – you guessed it – Nellie! That’s right – she was a real person with real values, who believed in honesty and simplicity and was going ‘green’ LONG before the color was cool. It was these beliefs that inspired our company’s founder, James Roberts (and Nellie’s actual son) to build an entire company honoring his late mother.

Canadian Made Tub and Tile Cleaner - Canadian Tub and Tile CleanerAll Clean

North Vancouver, BC

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All of our products including tub and tile cleaner made in Canada are produced in Calgary, Alberta. We don’t use any big machines, assembly lines or loud equipment in our warehouse. We believe the quality of our product is regulated better, and the outcome is always on par when a real human is actually making it. When you call our office or email in a request, you are getting a response from a person sitting at a desk with a coffee, not a robot!

As most people do – we feed our Beyond Meat Burger to the dog, let our cats play with the box our new shoes came in, and toss the nut that fell on the ground while camping to a nearby squirrel. That being said, we DO NOT test our products on any animal, or defenceless being. All of our products are safe for you, and your furry little friends.

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