Two Beggars – In 2014 we started baking pumpkin-based dog treats to feed to our dog Spot (pictured above left). She was really sick. She had stopped eating. She’s been a sick puppy since we got her. Out of desperation, I heard pumpkin was good for their bellies, so I made some pumpkin treats and she loved them.

The treats calmed Spot’s stomach, which made the dog want to eat dinner. The treats didn’t cure her. I’m not suggesting that at all. They just kind of brought her around. Spot still has her ups and downs, but is doing a lot better now than she was a few years ago. And she’s still a fan of the pumpkin-flavoured treats. Now we sell those pumpkin treats and other pet products at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market on Wednesday and Saturday in spring to fall months and at Blue Ribbon Pet Supply. We sell out of our home year round.

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