After a decade travelling the world as a chef, my young family decided to plant our roots on beautiful Vancouver Island where we built the Vancouver Island Salt Co. Surrounded by pristine ocean waters, I wondered why Canada did not have its own Sea Salt. A friend told me that “if it could be done, it would be done”… Well, that sounded like a challenge and a bet for a case of beer was made.

We spent a night on the beach boiling down sea water over a fire. In the morning, sea salt was harvested, I had won the bet (and the beer) and the rest is history. I am very proud to offer the world a taste of truly unrefined Canadian sea salt and a selection of sea salt infusions, respectfully hand harvested from the wild coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Owned In: British Columbia

Made In Black Creek, BC:

  • Barrel Smoked Whisky Salt
  • Canadian Sea Salt
  • Blue Cheese Sea Salt
  • True North Flake Sea Salt
  • Roasted Garlic Sea Salt
  • Orange and Lime Sea Salt
  • Chocolate Bars

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Last Updated September 19, 2022

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