Viso Lighting is inspired to elevate interiors across the globe, our team of lighting designers and fabricators are the experts in contemporary decorative light fixtures and custom lighting solutions. For over 25 years, we’ve made it our mission to transform and illuminate spaces through modern design and innovative fabrication techniques. Founder and CEO Filipe Lisboa and President Tzetzy Naydenova lead with an uncompromising passion to break boundaries and make impactful statements through superior lighting design. Collaborating closely with award-winning interior designers and architects worldwide, our driving purpose is to uplift your senses through the power of light.

As a global multidisciplinary lighting design and manufacturing firm, VISO Lighting serves the hospitality, commercial, infrastructure, and retail chain sectors.

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Last Updated May 17, 2022

Made In Toronto, ON:

  • Pendant Lighting
  • Overhead Lighting

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