Weber Physiotherapy Clinic has been part of the red deer community since 2001. Owners April and keith weber strive to provide their clients with a unique physio experience unlike none other.

April and Keith Weber grew up in central Alberta and returned to the area to work in their profession. An active lifestyle has always been important for the Webers. Starting a clinic that promotes movement and health was the perfect adventure. Eleven years later and six physiotherapists with the same philosophy, Weber Physiotherapy has grown and continues to influence an Active Red Deer.

We assess and analyze movement to discover why pain has occurred! Resolving a patient’s pain, requires a breakdown of movement and looking how the whole limb works and/or the whole body. To focus on point of pain is not seeing the whole picture. Finding the break down in the movement chain and restoring biomechanics creates a permanent change. Physiotherapists at Weber Physio focus on a” hands-on”, orthopaedic manual therapy, to help restore normal function in the movement chain. Yes, working on deep tissues can be uncomfortable but when you feel that tissue break free and the pain go with it, it is worth every second. Some happy patients have told us our motto should be “no pain, no gain” while I think we prefer “pain with a purpose”!

Owned In: Alberta

Weber Physiotherapy Clinic Treatments:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Athletic Therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Women’s health
  • Wellness Massage

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