Boarding at White Dove Stables is an experience you won’t find anywhere else. We pride ourselves in maintaining a peaceful, familial environment where people can come to enjoy time with their horses and not have to worry about any of the usual barn drama. We achieve this partly by screening and monitoring our clientele to ensure best fit with our philosophy. But our first priority is to make sure we take great care of your horse’s needs.

Feed: We test and source our hay from established producers throughout BC, Alberta, and Washington state. Using high-quality Timothy and Alfalfa hays allows us to ensure each horse has ideal nutrition for maintaining a healthy weight and form. We also include daily supplements, to ensure essential vitamins, minerals, and oils are included in every horse’s diet. All our horses are fed using slow feeders of our own design, which ensures they have a natural posture and stress-free grazing experience. We have experience caring for many breeds, including but not limited to Thoroughbreds, Andalusians, Quarter Horses, Arabs, Icelandics, Saddle Breds, Drafts, and Miniatures.

Water: Most of our paddocks have walk-out access to fresh creek water, which is monitored as a protected wildlife habitat. The rest are watered daily using fresh, filtered, well water.

Mucking: Paddocks are cleaned out daily, which gives us an opportunity to check the fencing, shelters, and paddocks for damage or other hazards.

Turnout: Once we get to know your horse’s temperament, we offer alternated turnout on a 2-acre pasture in all seasons except winter. We believe turnout is essential to the well being of horses, because it allows them to enjoy a more natural habitat and social interaction with a number of other horses.

At White Dove Stables we take on the burden of responsibility and give you the freedom to enjoy all the pleasures. Bathe them, brush them, love them, and ride them. Let us take care of the rest. Board: $550.00, taxes included. We offer full board only at White Dove Stables.

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Last Updated July 25, 2021

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