X Zone Lures was founded by Canadian tournament angler Mark Kulik. He conceived of the idea while practicing for some upcoming tournaments that best suited a drop shot technique. They were specially designed to behave like lake forage, attracting fish quickly and easily to their shape and movement in the water.

The secret behind the success of the Slammer and other X Zone baits is that they are 100% True Hand Pour. This technique makes takes longer than traditional injection molding, but the end result is a bait that is durable yet incredibly supple, which is the key to duplicating the subtleties of nature.  Some Lures are made in USA so be sure to check

The Tubes, Grubs and Deception Worm are made in the USA

X Zone Lures
Owned In: Orillia, ON


Last Updated July 7, 2021

Made In Beamsville, ON:

  • Pro Series
  • Classic Hand Pour Series
  • Crappie / Pan Fish Series
  • Terminal Tackle

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