Canadian made yeast is not an easy product to find in Canada. Many companies import and re package it but not this one.  If you know of any yeast made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Canadian Made Yeast

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Montreal, QC

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Lallemand’s activities originally started in Montreal (Canada) with the production of fresh bakers yeast made in Canada in 1923. The company began the production of dry yeast in 1943 and the export of dry yeast into the Caribbean and North Eastern US in 1976. American Yeast and its Baltimore plant were acquired in 1989, which marked the beginning of the expansion of Lallemand Baking activities outside of Canada.

In 2000 Lallemand Baking had the opportunity to grow its bakers yeast activities in the Western European markets with the acquisition of the Hamer Heffe compagny and its Vienna plant in Austria and join a Bavarian yeast producer, to launch Hagold Hefe GmbH with plants operating in Schwarzenbach and Passau (Germany), as well as in Jozefow (Poland) and its own distribution system in Southern Germany and Austria and exports to Bulgaria, Slovakia, Serbia, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Sweden and Greece.

In 2001, Lallemand acquired the sourdough starter culture business of Chr. Hansen, which became part of Lallemand Baking EMEA activities.

In 2007, Lallemand Baking purchased Suomen Hiiva Oy, a Finnish yeast company operating a yeast plant in Lahti, Finland, and marketing its fresh bakers yeast in Finland and Russia. It also acquired the Danish company De Danske  Gaerfabrikker AS with a plant located in Grenå.

In 2009, Lallemand Baking acquired from AB Mauri, the GBI bakers yeast business in Spain and Portugal, the AB Mauri yeast plant located in Setúbal (Portugal) and the company GB Ingredients Ltd (GBI) from Cie des Levures Lesaffre operating in the UK and Ireland from its factory based in Felixstowe.


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